Saturday, 19 April 2014

Let's Get Practical with DKNY's 3-IN-1 Trench




Leandra Medine from The Manrepeller

Leandra Medine from The Manrepeller

Leandra Medine from The Manrepeller

Practicality and fashion rarely go hand in hand. How many times have you found yourself explaining to a friend or partner on how much you need another Breton striped t-shirt? The reasoning begins with the listing of how it is different to the other 5 you own, then on how "practical" it is (key words include basic, classic, staple) and finally the long list of all the items that you already own, that it will happy mate with. Your partner/friend could probably care less on whether you buy it or not, never mind the contents of your own wardrobe. They know in the end you will buy it. But I guess our biggest critic is ourselves. There seems to be a need to justify each purchase we make (especially should it have a hefty price tag).
Finally a designer has given us a classic piece that does the reasoning for itself. There is no need for explanations with the DKNY 3-IN-1 Trench, that does exactly what it says on the tin. 1 trench coat, 3 completely different ways to wear it.
First brought to my attention by my favourite fashion blogger Leandra Medine from The Man Repeller, I initially couldn't get my head around the versatility of this coat. Could it be true? Were these three jackets really one? It was true, however €700 worth of true.
Ok so maybe we need to do a little reasoning after all......

I want to know what you think of the 3-IN-1 Trench?

Love Dani xx

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Love at first sight with Sandro Paris

I recently saw these gorgeous shoes from Sandro Paris, on a trip home to Galway, at the Brown Thomas store. They are everything a flat should be, a little be masculine, forever classic and a little bit edgy.
At €375 a girl can dream......

Check them out in closer detail by clicking here.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Outfit Post: Jacket Weather


There is nothing better than leaving the house in a jacket (or in my case semi-jacket), without being weighed down by the heaviness of an overbearing coat. Spring has started to peek it's head out over the last few weeks and I have to admit I am happy to see the sun again.
These photos were taken at my favourite spot in Rome, Giancolo. It is the perfect setting for some sunny shots of Rome in all it's glory. The look is simple, with a jumper and black jeans, but I added my tough lace up boots from Topshop and military inspired jacket from Berska for that fashion edge.

What do you think of this look? Is it jacket weather where you are yet?

Love Dani xx

Monday, 14 April 2014

Links à la Mode: Letting Fashion Out Of It's Gilded Cage

A big thank you to Independent Fashion Bloggers and Links à la Mode for choosing my blog post last week on "Letting Fashion Out Of It's Gilded Cage". Check out the other fantastic posts and the bloggers who got chosen by clicking below.


Shoe In

How do you dress for success? Do you dress for the job you want or the job you have? Are your shoes made for walking or climbing the ladder of success? Well, you know upward mobility is always on the mind of an avid blogger. This week we take the plunge into Spring and Summer trends, but not in the way of dressing down but more buttoning up. Does that mean we have work on the mind? Maybe. You'll just have to see for yourself.

Links a la Mode: April 10th

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Monday, 7 April 2014

Letting fashion out of it's gilded cage and into the real world

Vogue Italia's April 2014 Issue

Vogue Italia's April 2014 Issue

VICE Magazine, There Will Be Blood 2012

VICE Magazine, There Will Be Blood 2012

VICE Magazine, There Will Be Blood 2012

VICE Magazine, There Will Be Blood 2012

VICE Magazine, There Will Be Blood 2012

This week in fashion news, there was quite the scandal over a certain Vogue cover. No not THAT cover  (I am sorry Kimye your 5 minutes is over), but Vogue Italia and their editorial spread, photographed by Steven Meisel. Entitled Horror Story, amidst the fine silks and next season's finest, it seemed to depict a scene of domestic violence. The over all reaction was that Fashion had no place to comment on issues such as violence against women. The Internet was outraged at Vogue Italia's editor Franca Sozzani, for even attempting to portray a real-life subject.
However what was more shocking to me was people's, perhaps, narrow-minded view that everything has a box and that is where it should remain. There is no room for mixing an idea as frivolous as fashion with that of real life issues and world problems. It is to say that fashion should be portrayed only in glamorous settings and around beautiful things.
I on the other hand find it thought provoking and I can't see what is so taboo about the whole thing. I for one am sick of some people considering those who either work in fashion or have an interest in fashion to be less intelligent, or to have a less valid profession than some let's say in the "real" world. Shunned as air headed and image obsessed, to say that Sozzani had no place in addressing Domestic Violence is to only reinforce these preconceived ideas.
VICE Magazine is another publication which has been deemed controversial for it's graphic and, according to some, out of place commentaries on real life. Take for instance the photo shoot above. Instantly shocking, the idea of portraying the female menstrual cycle was stepping over the line for some, but I say what is taboo about addressing something as natural as the female capacity to create life. Again the idea goes back stimulating the brain, to get us thinking rather just flicking from one pretty, seemingly perfect object to the next and in a society that is more obsessed than ever with the surface appearance, I say maybe we need a little provocation.

What are your thoughts?

Friday, 4 April 2014

Travel Diary: Venice part 2

Lorenzo and I at Cafe Florian

Teatro La Fenice

Part two of the Venice Travel Diary includes my three must dos in Venice.

First up is breakfast at Cafe Florian, which is Italy's oldest cafe, having opened in 1720. The ornate interiors in gold with lush red velvet seating trasnport you back to a bygone era. They do beautiful pastries and specials teas, all with silver service. Dig deep because the prices are high, but I reckon it is worth it for a once in a life-time experience. Next time I would try their afternoon tea.

My next favourite thing was Il Teatro La Fenice. Although we didn't see an opera or ballet, we could still visit this famous theatre. Keeping in theme with Cafe Florian, the interiors were spectacular. Gold detailed ceilings with crystal chandeliers and hand painted motifs. I can only imagine the atmosphere when there is a show on!

Finally the gondola ride. Ok, so I admit at first I thought it was a bit cheesy and I wasn't sure if I wanted to do it, but again I figured when in Venice.... A gondola trip is pricey, especially when you are only in two, however we manged to bargain a little. It costs more at night-time aswell. I would suggest to walk a little outside the centre and then get a gondola as we did. This allowed us to see quaint little Venetian houses as we quietly drifted down the canals. There will be no tourists around staring at you (and quite possibly taking a picture of you) while you enjoy your romantic ride.

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Sunday, 30 March 2014

Links à la mode: Zimmermann's Summer 2014 Collection

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Born to be Styled

You know how it is, every season there's something new to get into... new trends, new styles, keeping up appearances. As I get older, I notice how some things come cycle in and out, and how some things stay with us season after season. That biker jacket, that classic black and white ensemble, that perfect suit. It's just a matter of finding that thing that resonates with you and your life year after year. We all have our fleeting musings, but what really strikes our fancy time after time? That's what I call style.

Links à la Mode: March 27th

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